This series takes visual styles from early 20th century Soviet constructivist propaganda literature and posters, (a style known as Social Realism) which I have always found captivating. The images linked above are only a sample of the series, a dark reflection on the Industrial Revolution.

As revolutions go, it has been one of the longest, bloodiest, and by far the most controversial in history.

Revolution is an infectious idea, a self-replicating concept that only becomes stronger when it meets oppression or resistance; a meme in the strongest sense. By far the most powerful revolution of the last century, and likely of the history of mankind. Unlike other revolutions of societies, cultures, tribes and cities; this was a revolution of the entire race. There was no great oppressor other than our own hunger for knowledge, a need to shape our world into something that looked more like the inside of man.

In this revolution we became our own oppressors. Our foremen, executives, managers - there was a need to herd and control people. The rape and destruction of foreign lands, wars over material and economic progression, murder in the name of insurance claims, manipulation of markets, starving the consumer for greater profits, theft from company coffers, theft from the workers, theft from anyone possible.
In this revolution the gulags and concentration camps we given purpose and value, a least for those with the whip. Slave labor, child labor, dangerous working conditions and disregard for the welfare of workers and their families.  Destruction of families, communities.

In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the narrator speaks of how "we cut the tops off of the crosses", but although they stopped worshipping gods they now worshiped industry, progress, the great machine of society.

Our god is money, our prayer is work, our factories the houses of worship. When we fashion ourselves creators, declare our might to be omnipotent, our minds to be great, we should be mindful that our wisdom has not yet reached the same. Who shall forgive the sins of god for allowing such creations to become gods themselves? Who shall forgive the gods for the sins against each-other?

We can never forgive that which we have done to ourselves as long as we continue along the same path.