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Located In Corvallis, Oregon, I am available for short or long term projects, commissioned works, full time employment and gallery shows. I work well in group environments or on my own and can meet virtually any deadline. Please feel free to contact me for a project quote and consultation

Areas of Specialization

Graphic and industrial design, art direction and consultation, marketing, pre-press, desktop publishing, printing, animation, cartoons, and cartography. I also specialize in photo-realistic illustration and seamless photo manipulation.

Types of Clients

Design studios, advertising agencies, product manufacturers, service bureaus, biotech industry, United States government, print publications, and digital publications.


Intelligent Imaging Innovations Inc., Zeiss GmbH, Walrus Watch and Clock, Disney, Coors, Greg Norman, Comedy Central, United States Bureau of Land Management, CTS Computer Imaging, Colorado Woman Publications, Color Red Magazine.

Areas of Professional Experience

• Art direction and consultation
• Corporate image creation
• Desktop publishing
• Tabloid layout and design
• Pre-press and printing
• Marketing campaign/ Promotional
• Cartography
• Creation of charts, graphs, and figures for publication
• Animation
• Conversion of imagery from hard copy to digital format
• Photo-realistic illustration
• Technical illustration
• Digital blueprinting
• Mirage project realization
• Color correction and proofing
• Raster to vector conversion
• Horology and the design of timepieces

Software Experience

• Adobe Creative Suite (CS, CS2, CS3) and all previous versions of Adobe products
• Aldus Freehand
• BB Edit
• FTP software
• File Maker Pro
• Kai’s Photo Soap, Power Show, Power Tools, and Power Goo
• KPT Bryce, Convolver, and Vector Effects
• Linocolor
• Microsoft Office
• Net Cloak
• Net Forms
• Painter
• Poser 3
• Quark X-Press
• Res Edit
• Resorcerer
• Symantec Visual Page
• Typestyler
• Web Ten
• Webstar

Hardware Experience

• Macintosh computer: All models
• Agfa Accuset 9500
• UNIX: Scitex Dolev Rip Server
• Agfa Proset 8500
• Scitex Bridge
• Hewlett Packard LFP
• Cannon (Fiery) CLC 300,500 700 & 1000
• Docutech
• Fuji Color Art and Matchprint
• Glutz & Jensen processors
• Iris Rip Server and Smartjet
• Linotype-Hell Scanners
• Some experience with Microsoft operating systems


Community College of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado

• references and work history available upon request •

I recently moved to Corvallis, OR with my wife, two cats and four motorcycles from Baltimore, MD. I'm pretty sure that we were all actually bystanders in a drive by or something and this sleepy little Oregon town is just a wonderful figment of my imagination as I lay in a coma at Shock-Trauma (um...yeah, that's the name of the hospital in Baltimore).

This place is amazing, beautiful, friendly, and there are several breakfast joints that serve chicken fried steak & eggs, one that is open 24/7. The roads make for fantastic motorcycle riding and the neighborhoods and downtown are lovely for walking around. The people are extremely friendly, intelligent, happy and very welcoming towards new folks, it's a bit shocking. I've also heard there is a German guy here who used to work as a tech at the BMW factory but now fixes bikes out of his garage.

I know, this part of the site is supposed to be about who I am and what the hell I've been doing for the last 36 years I've been on this rock, but given that I've just moved from the murder capital to the safest town in the country, it's time to do a bit of sorting.

The link over to the garage in the above menu has some info about what I've got in the garage, and I'll have the writing section done soon as well. I need to get some pix of my wife and cats up here, along with a self portrait that doesn't make me look so angry.